About Us

OR LE SHABBAT is a brand specialised in manufacturing kosher approved home appliances,
which are used during Shabbat and Jewish holidays.

OR LE SHABBAT has dedicated its work to find solutions to Halachic issues, for the Jewish
religious community. That is achieved with home appliances that can be used without fear of
desecrating the holly days, and without the need for ‘Tevilah’.

The products of OR LE SHABBAT go through a strict Halachic- scientific examination. All
the certificates approving the usage of the brands products are given according to the Jewish
Halacha, by the Institute of Science and Halacha, led by Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Halperin Shalita.

The brand product line seeks to give the Jewish religious community all the tools needed to
keep Shabbat and holidays in the modern world.

All the OR LE SHABBAT home appliances meet the safety requirements of an international
standard mark and provide a full guarantee for its service and quality.